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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q:What is the vision of OM Books Distribution South Asia?
A: To Enlarge our territories by creating new channels and opportunity to cater the spiritual resources to more people.
Q: How can I order products at
A: To order products from, you should have a Primary Partner Account with OM Books Distribution.Those who wish to place orders online shall be provided with a Primary Partner Number and password.Using these credentials, one can login to the site and place orders for products.
Q: How can I open a Primary Partner account with you? What are the requirements?
A: Primary Partner Account is meant for Bookshops, Book Agents, Bible College Libraries, Bible College Bookstores,Church Libraries or other Christian agencies involved with Christian literature and Music products.You may open a Primary Partner account with us by filling up the Primary Partner account form provided. The minimum value of your initial order should be Rs.10,000/- and the payment should accompany the confirmed order. To keep the Primary Partner account active and running, a minimum purchase of Rs.15,000/- should be made every year.
Q: I am a Primary Partner account holder. But I am not able to login!
A: It is possible that your account may not be enabled on the site. Please Contact Us to have your account activated for online orders.
Q: I have placed an order. How can I see the status of my order?
A: You may use the link 'Order Status' to know the status of your order placed through web.
Q: I have received the goods but found them damaged.
A: Any claim for damaged goods should be made known to OM Books Distribution
in writing within 14 working days from the date of receiving the consignment.
Q. I came across a product. But I reside outside India. How can I get this product to me?
A: The products listed on this site are mainly for supply within India and to certain other South Asia countries and Gulf. Thus, finding a product in our web page doesn't mean that we may be able to sell it to you. We have certain geographical restrictions for sale for some of these products. When your order is confirmed, those titles that we cannot deliver to you will be excluded from the order and confirmed with you again.