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Fueling the Fire That Ignites Personal Vision


Bill Hybels

Whether it is social injustice, AIDS, bad preaching, or wrecked marriages, what breaks the heart of someone who loves God most likely breaks God’s heart too—and it is often these “firestorms of frustration” that God will use to enlist you in setting what is wrong in this world right!

Bill Hybels invites you to consider the dramatic impact your life will have when you allow your holy discontent to fuel instead of frustrate you. Using examples from the Bible, his own life, and the experiences of others, Hybels shows how you can find and feed your personal area of holy discontent, fight for it when things get risky, and follow it when it takes a mid-course turn. As you live from the energy of your holy discontent, you’ll fulfill your role in setting what is wrong in this world right!
Product Information
Type : Book
ISBN : 978-0-310-28583-0
Category : Religious Education
Publisher : Zondervan Publishing House
Year of Produce : 2007
Audience : Various
Language : English
Pages : 160
Binding : Paperback
Weight : 168gms
Dimension : 203x135x13

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