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Was Jesus Really Raised From The Dead?

On the third day after Jesusí crucifixion, eyewitnesses reported that they found an empty tomb and had an encounter with a living, breathing Jesus of Nazareth.

This documentary investigates these questions: Did the resurrection really happen? Was Jesus only seemingly dead when His body was placed in the tomb? Did the disciples steal the body? Were they hallucinating when they saw Him alive, or did they simply create a myth in order to keep the movement going?

By asking tough questions about the authenticity of the original accounts and seeming contradictions among the four Gospels, The Third Day sheds light on the greatest mystery of all time. This honest and insightful documentary will intrigue both sceptics and believers.
Product Information
Format : DVD
Product Number : DD1402MOVMV01
Genre : Documentary
Company : GS Media
Audience : General Interest
Language : English
Package : DVD
Weight : 86gms
Dimension : 189x135x15

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