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Based on the True Story

For the Glory is based on the true life story of Kurt Kuykendall, a one-time Olympic hopeful who became an Olympic athlete. But not for the sport he intended! As an only child since the death of his older brother, Kurt (Jason Burkey) tries to make everyone happy. Having planned to do that by playing basketball in the Olympics, his dream meets an abrupt end in his first year at college, when after a string of poor performances, he is cut from the team. Aside from the stinging disappointment, the rejection forces Kurt to a crossroads in his life.

For the Glory is the story of how God intervened in a young manís life through unlikely means, changed his entire life and fulfilled his dreams in a way he could never imagine.
Product Information
Format : DVD
Product Number : DD1406MOVCD02
Genre : Movies
Company : GS Media
Audience : General Interest
Language : English
Package : DVD
Weight : 82gms
Dimension : 190x135x15

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