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Carlos and Antonio want to do something big and important... what better way than to become superheroes? Watch as Carlos and Antonio learn through their adventures and mishaps that doing little things to help others is what true heroism is all about.

This episode teaches the importance of being considerate and heroic in everyday situations.

The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar tells the growing up story of Carlos, an ever-curious little caterpillar who often finds himself in one predicament or another. Helped by his Uncle Pedro, a butterfly with a lifetime of experience behind him, Carlos learns many lessons that will help him through his own little journey of life!

Your children will love this award-winning new animated series that is both entertaining and instructive.
Product Information
Format : DVD
Product Number : DD1502CLDVV01
Genre : Children
Company : GS Media
Audience : Children , General Interest
Language : English
Package : DVD
Weight : 72gms
Dimension : 190x135x8

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